Division Suspension East is centrally located in the heart of the Appalachian mountains. Near historic off-road events like the Black Water 100, The Wisp GNCC,  Timberline GNCC,  High Point Raceway, & within hours from many, many more. We customize your ride with improvements across the board whether it be deep sand, roots, rocks, clay, gnarly hill climbs, & steep descents. You will gain traction & confidence in the way your Division suspended bike handles.


From mountains to desert, slick rock to sand dunes, Division Suspension West is located in one of the most diverse off-road riding areas anywhere, affording us plenty of opportunity to put our technology to the test. We customize your off-road settings for the conditions you ride. Whether you’re a competitive desert racer, a single-track enthusiast or a weekend warrior, we tailor suspension for optimal safety and comfort. Enjoy the day on your ride like never before with your own custom suspension.


With over 25 years of combined riding, racing, and testing experience, we understand the demands of the sport. Division Suspension will provide a custom suspension setup that will give you the confidence to push the limits over your competition, whether you are racing the clock or a full gate of competitors. Trust that your custom suspension will handle all obstacles in your line as track conditions deteriorate throughout the day.


As a leader in suspension technology, we apply our knowledge and expertise to tuning adventure and dual sport bikes in this fast growing segment of recreational motorcycling. We provide a customized and comfortable ride for long-distance travel that handles the multitude of different surface conditions you may encounter on your route. Division Suspension will improve the way your bike reacts and performs for high speed riding, dirt roads with washboards, pot holes, loose terrain, technical trails, tight corners, steep declines, under acceleration and braking.


 When we aren’t twisting throttles we are pedaling cranks. We come from an experienced background of mountain biking competition and recreation. As always, suspension is one of those things that gets overlooked in day to day riding and could be the difference in your climbing and descending comfort and safety. Here at Division, we offer full-service mountain bike suspension service to improve response, traction and predictability. We do it all, from XC, to enduro and downhill. Let’s talk about improving your ride and servicing your suspension today.


Another one of our passions and specialties is developing custom suspension that surpasses the competition on difficult climbs. Each hill climb bike can be as unique as the rider and the hills they conquer. We have worked extensively with top regional amateurs and pros running the hill climb circuit. We guarantee Division Suspension will excel on any hill you line your climbing machine against.